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One-off purchases and a subscription services for compostable and biodegradable bin liners, bags and other eco-products.

By choosing compostable and biodegradable bin liners and bags instead of using plastic bags to fill or protect your bin, we are doing our bit towards saving our environment from plastic litter and minimising the use of plastic bags. 

The magic organic ingredient used in these bin liners and bags is corn. They are completely plastic free! 

These liners and bags are certified compostable by the major global certifying bodies, for use in both home composting bins, and commercial composting facilities* (refer to our facts and figures page for details on certification).

When composted, the liners and bags will breakdown with organic waste through microbial activity. According to worldwide standards, compostable products should biodegrade at least 90% within 90 days. These bags and liners will biodegrade 99% in half the time (under the right conditions, for example it may take slightly longer in winter/colder climates).

Our bags and liners come in various sizes and are perfect for preventing mess and smell in your bin. By using liners in your larger waste bins you can save the amount of smaller plastic bags you use, simply by emptying the contents straight into the lined bin. If you are home composing, collect your food scraps using one of our bags and that can go straight into your compost bin, bag and all!

Most green waste collectors (apart from Living Earth in Christchurch) will also accept our compostable and biodegradable bags and liners (please check with your waste provider first just to be sure). The theme is to reduce plastic use and what goes to landfill, reuse and recycle where we can. Our bags are natural and can biodegrade if they enter the environment, under the right conditions - less litter and plastic pollution.

Subscribe to your selected products or add the one-off purchase products to your cart and we will process and then deliver to your door. We post our product in cardboard boxes so they can be recycled rather than using plastic courier bags - of course.

Doing our little bit together. A Better Way For Your Rubbish.

Compostable Bags and Bin Liners

The Technology

Why Are Our Bags Special?

These bags and liners are made from corn which is an annually renewable crop. Unlike trees, corn can re-grow and be harvested in a single season. The actual crops are deliberately sourced from international GMO-free regions with high levels of rain, to minimise any irrigation. In addition, the actual corn kernels selected are classified as third grade corn. This spoilt corn is not suitable for human or animal consumption, so even the chooks don’t miss out! From traditional farming practices to cutting edge science and technology…

Using purpose built biodegradable resin extruders, a BF Series Resin is extracted from the combination of corn starch, biodegradable ingredients, and some propriety elements. From this resin, blown film bags are then formed in a range of styles, sizes and thicknesses. They are designed with strict minimum standards of thickness for durability. The blown film bags are then printed with soy-based, non-toxic printing inks, and packaged in a wide variety of options.

The purpose built equipment means our liners and bags are made with significantly less electricity consumption compared to manufacturing on conventional extrusion equipment. 

These liners and bags* are certified compostable by the major global certifying bodies across Europe, North America and Australasia, for use in both home composting bins, and commercial composting facilities. When composted, the liners will breakdown with organic waste through microbial activity, in the same way as their parent plants, creating a rich soil enhancing compost - great for organic farming as well. They even pass the Eco-Toxicity and the Worm Test, which is unique to the Australian Standard, the most stringent of all worldwide compostability standards. As such you can be confident our products are safe, and can even be used for organic farming, food contact and in animal feed. 

* Our reusable Botanic bag is certified biodegradable and compostable in commercial composing environments.  


What a great service! I love knowing I'm doing my bit to reduce plastic waste every week

Sara, Auckland

This way I don't have to remember to buy my plastic bin liners at the supermarket - it's easy to be green!

Kate, Howick

I like knowing I'm helping out the environment - such a small price to pay for the bigger picture

Ray, Auckland

These products are certified under Australian Standard (AS4736-2006), the European Standard (EN13432-2000) and the American Standard (ASTM D6400). Our bin liners and waste bags are certified for use in home composting bins (AS5810), and commercial composting facilities*.

*Please check with your waste provider as Living Earth in Christchurch unfortunately do not accept any bags/packaging, compostable or not.

Because these bags are biodegradable and compostable, the recommended shelf life of the bags is 12-15 months. We want them to do their job!

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